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April, 2016

Network was founded at the North Central Region Family and Consumer Sciences State Specialists Meeting.

June, 2016

Submitted a successful proposal to the North Central Region to fund a needs assessment and a face-to-face meeting of the network at the 2017 National Health Outreach Conference.

September, 2016

Launched Needs Assessment survey, funded by North Central Region leadership

November 29-30, 2016

Follow-up meeting of Consumer Sciences State Specialists. Determination of goals and priorities for the Network and created a logic model.

January, 2017

Submitted a successful proposal to the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development (NCRCRD), to fund a toolkit, website, and face-to-face meeting pursuant of external funding.

May, 2017

National Health Outreach Conference, Annapolis, MD. Face-to-face meeting of NCRAN members, supported by North Central Region Leadership; Presented initial results of the needs assessment and a conceptualization of aging in the National Framework for Health and Wellness.

November, 2017

Dissemination of needs assessment results at the annual meeting of the National Council of Family Relations.

March, 2018

Face-to-face meeting in Chicago, IL, funded by the NCRCRD.

May, 2018

National Health Outreach Conference, Bloomington, MN. Presentation on age and ageism.

June, 2018

Presented on our efforts to NEAFCS via webinar

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